Pancake Supper

Before we start the season of Lent, we have a social event in the Good Shepherd Room. There will be a hotdog and pancake supper on Tuesday 25th February from 19:00 – 21:00. Tickets are on sale next week. Please come and bring your family. If you can help selling some tickets, or if you … [Read more…]

Progress with Church Extension

There has been some progress over the last couple of months with regard to our development plans. As I told you, our plans received a semi favourable response from the Conservation Office, however the Diocese asked us to take into account what had been said and get another sketch for a second Pre-Planning application. This … [Read more…]

Racial Justice Sunday

Racial Justice Sunday is kept today by the Church in Engalnd & Wales; the theme is “You are at the heart of the Church” and celebrated the contribution travelling communities make to the Church in England & Wales. This is a good opportunity to think and pray about racism experienced by fellow Catholics in the … [Read more…]

Mass Intentions

It is a very good and prayerful thing to have a Mass offered for your deceased relatives and also for any friends or family who are in any kind of trouble. There are some white envelopes near both doors for you to use to request a Mass to be said, simply fill in the details … [Read more…]

Gift Aid Envelopes

Gift Aid envelopes for this year are available this weekend, please remember to collect your set. If you do not yet use envelopes for your donation to the Church collection, please think about doing so and begin this week. I encourage you to sign a Gift Aid form if you pay tax and give money … [Read more…]