Huntingdon Carnival

St. Michael’s Parish will be joining the Carnival in Huntingdon on Saturday 10th August. The parade will start at 12pm at Huntingdon High Street. Everyone are encouraged to wear colourful clothes. Some costumes are already provided. Those who are interested please contact Yoly Wells.

Standing Orders

Over the last few months, we have encouraged you to make a standing order for our Parish and many of you have responded. The amount now given to the collection in this way is £238/week now showing in our increased totals. Thank you for making this commitment to our Parish. Our bank details for anyone … [Read more…]

Parish BBQ

Parish BBQ will be on Sunday 14th July in the Church garden, please book the date and buy your tickets as soon as possible. Tickets are £5 for adults and £2 for under 14 yrs old. You do not need to bring anything to cook, but if you could help with salads, preparation or cleaning … [Read more…]

Sea Sunday

Sea Sunday is kept by the Church next weekend to support those who work at sea and bring many of our goods to our shops. Gift Aid envelopes are available and details on the boards.

CAFOD Parish Representative

Most Parishes have a person who undertakes to be a parish link person with CAFOD to assist in their work with the parish. We do not have a parish representative at present and it would be wonderful if someone, or a couple, would offer their services for this role. It is not time consuming, but … [Read more…]