Food Bank Donations

I guess many of you donate to the Food Bank when you can in various places. As a sign of our being part of our local community and reaching out to them, we will start to collect for the Food Bank on the first Sunday of each month. There will be a large box in … [Read more…]

New Catholic Primary Schools

The Diocese is applying to build 3 new Catholic primary schools, two in Peterborough and one in our area, at Northstowe.  We have to put in a submission by 1st of February and show that there is support among the Catholic Community for such schools; any new school would open in September 2022 or 2023.  … [Read more…]

Christian Unity Week

Christian Unity Week daily prayer times for this year are at the Methodist Church in the High Street, Monday to Friday from 12:30-13:00.  It is very easy to drop in one day if you are in town, so we hope that you will try to represent St. Michael’s on one of those days.

National Cycle of Prayer

During Ordinary Time until Lent you are asked to remember the following intentions in your prayers: peace on earth, racial injustice, Christian unity, the sick and those who care for them and the unemployed.

Journey in Faith

The journey in faith will restart on Friday 18th January at 19:14 in the GS Room. We have a slightly later start to enable the Confirmation group to conclude.