Parish Report 2019

Parish Report 2019 The beginning of 2020 has been very difficult for all of us, with much of our lives and our parish life on hold because of the corona virus and lockdown, so I apologise that this report is so late coming to you and that a parish meeting has not been possible. In … [Read more…]

Email to Book for Mass

There are three masses available each Sunday. Please book for you to attend Mass.  Send an email to: The email should contain: The Date & Time of Mass you would like to attend. Number of people in the household attending Please state if you would like to volunteer to be steward. *  If you … [Read more…]

First Holy Communion- please respond

A letter was sent to all patents asking how you wish to go forward for your child’s First Holy Communion, so far only a few have responded. Now that we are starting to have Mass again, please let me know what you wish to do. We will need to finish the programme for those wishing … [Read more…]

Please Help and Volunteer

Help is needed to enable Mass to continue so please offer your help, ideally with a short email saying what you can offer or note on your booking email. We need 4 people to work the booking system, one to cover a whole weekend, so to do the booking once a month. You need to … [Read more…]

National Mass

National Mass for the Sick and their families, NHS Front-line workers and those working in Social Care.  Those who are sick and their families who are suffering many hardships of isolation from contact with those they love. The Mass on Thursday 9th July at 19:00 will be celebrated by Bishop Tom Williams from Liverpool Cathedral.  … [Read more…]