Help your marriage

HELP YOUR MARRIAGE – Do you feel alone? Are you frustrated or angry with each other? Do you argue … or have you just stopped talking to each other? Does talking about it only make it worse? Retrouvaille is a programme to support couples who have difficulties in their marriage. The programme helps spouses uncover … [Read more…]

Catholic Listening & Prayer Ministry

Whatever you are going through right now it can help to talk; it can ease the burden and help you to see the way through. The Diocese of East Anglia has recently launched a ministry of listening and prayer and offers a team of trained people of faith to listen and pray with you and … [Read more…]

Mass at Papworth

After consultation with the people at Papworth I have decided to close the Saturday evening Mass there with effect from Saturday 18th June. Four Masses every weekend for the last 40 years has finally caught up with me and it is now too much on a regular basis. The Bishop has agreed this closure. I … [Read more…]

Vigil Mass at Huntingdon

This Mass on Saturday evening was added as we started to come out of lockdown to give a little more space in the church on Sunday mornings. It has grown slowly but now does help reduce the crush on Sundays, but it is rather late in the evening.After consulting those who usually attend this Mass, … [Read more…]

Platinum Jubilee

Parishioners in St Michael’s Huntingdon gathered for a Mass on Thanksgiving for the life of service and commitment of HM the Queen on Thursday 2nd June. About 70 people gathered for Mass and joined in singing and celebrating with joy; Fr Philip spoke about the life of commitment and service and the example of family … [Read more…]