Confirmation Group 2021

The Confirmation Group in St Michael’s has been meeting since the beginning of January, we are 9 young people to be confirmed, and one other young person who has been confirmed but came to join our group. We had the first 8 meetings of our programme on zoom, so we did not get the chance … [Read more…]

Gradual unlocking

1.We may now have congregations with 1 metre distancing up to half our full capacity, with all the usual things in place e.g. wearing of masks, ventilation, hand sanitising etc.. 2. Communal singing at Mass is still restricted to a cantor or a choir unless Mass is celebrated outside the church. 3. Altar Servers may … [Read more…]

The Day of the Lord

CATHOLIC BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE OF ENGLAND AND WALES Reflection by the Bishops of England and Wales The Day of Lord Gathering as Bishops in Conference this week, we wish to pay tribute to all in the Catholic community who have shown such courage, generosity and understanding in the face of adversity this past year. Across England … [Read more…]

Development Fund

St Michael’s Parish, Huntingdon Development Fund Our plans to develop St Michael’s Church for our growing community have not yet been approved by the local authority or the Diocese and we are in the process of securing a loan to do the work. The budget estimate for the work to develop the church and build … [Read more…]