Gradual unlocking

1.We may now have congregations with 1 metre distancing up to half our full capacity, with all the usual things in place e.g. wearing of masks, ventilation, hand sanitising etc..

2. Communal singing at Mass is still restricted to a cantor or a choir unless Mass is celebrated outside the church.

3. Altar Servers may return to their duties – it would be important to contact and encourage our parish servers to return and to train new ones for tis service.

4. The Sign of Peace remains suspended.

5. Holy Communion is to be received under one kind only. It is now permitted to announce “ The Body of Christ” to each individual  communicant.

6. Holy Communion may now be received on the tongue but those who wish to do so should be asked to wait until the end of the Communion procession. This will need to be handled tactfully but I know that many of our people will be relieved that this restriction has been lifted. We must be generous in our response. N.B. Holy Communion should not be given on the tongue in those areas where there is a high spike in local infections.

After distributing Holy Communion in this way, the Celebrant or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion should wash their hands in warm soapy water and then sanitise them.

7. Concelebration is now permitted. Holy Communion should be by intinction from one chalice. The concelebrant should then sanitise his hands immediately and replace his mask.

8. Please note that Catechetical groups may now meet together in one place for Sacramental preparation but there are restrictions to be followed.

Thank you to you and all who are helping you to keep our churches and the celebration of the Liturgy as safe as possible for everyone.

With warmest good wishes,

Yours in Christ,