Progress with Church Extension

There has been some progress over the last couple of months with regard to our development plans. As I told you, our plans received a semi favourable response from the Conservation Office, however the Diocese asked us to take into account what had been said and get another sketch for a second Pre-Planning application. This is a good idea and in the end could save us a lot of money so our Parish Finance Committee recommend that we go ahead to do this. I will display the plans as soon as we have them for you all to see, we also have to explain to the Conservation Officer in stronger terms the need for this extension; our growing numbers because of increased housing and the need for better facilities for our community. Our extension could also be available for the wider community. This statement is being prepared.

At present we will not plan to build a new house as this gives a little more room extending the kitchen and toilets into the garden at the back of the GS room. There are other advantages of not planning a house; we could make some parking spaces and also a vehicle access from the back for a hearse or bridal car, giving a more dignified and safer access for both funerals and weddings. This might require a little patience, but will in the end be a very good solution and bring us many benefits.