Reminder about procedures for attending Mass

Reminder about procedures for attending Mass

This is a little reminder about procedures at St Michael’s, these are even more important now the church is fuller and the numbers of cases is rising nationwide, we must remain careful and vigilant. Also the weather is not so good, so some weeks you cannot queue outside easily.

Masks: you MUST wear a mask at all times during Mass, I am aware that they are uncomfortable and annoying, but that is Government policy in all public buildings and it is church policy too. If you have an exemption from wearing a mask, please show it to me and we can seat you a little more socially distant, 2 metres from others. Our policy is one metre + which means, one metre plus a mask.

Sanitise your hands, check in quickly, please don’t chat at the door, pick up immediately what you need, books, newsletter, once you go to your seat, please don’t leave it except to go to Holy Communion as guided by the steward or to go to the loo. Please don’t wander about the church touching every pew, this is how the virus is transmitted.

Please DO NOT sit on the crosses, they mark the spaces required between people in the same row and between rows to achieve a metre distance. If the person in front of you is sitting, please don’t kneel right up close to them, you will have to sit as well to achieve the correct distance. Close proximity over a long period is how the virus is transmitted.

At the end of Mass, please be patient, those upstairs leave first as guided by their steward, then those downstairs, row by row, when the porch is empty, if you are stopping to chat outside the door, please move away from the door. Please don’t congregate in the porch, this is how the virus is transmitted. Thank you for following these procedures to keep each other safe at Church.