Season of Lent

The Joy of Hope” is a four part video course with discussion, the course is provided by Catholic Faith Exploration and is offered to parishes to use during Lent. This will be offered during the day and also one evening each week in the hope that more of you will be able to come to these sessions.  The daytime sessions will be with a soup lunch on:

Monday 11th March at 12:30-14:00

Wednesday 20th March at 12:30-14:00

Thursday 28th March at 12:30-14:00

Friday 5th April at 12:30-14:00

The evening sessions will be on the same days at 19:30-20:30.


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

There will be a time of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday 16th, 23rd and 30th March from 10:00-11:00.  You are welcome to come for this time of silent prayer for as much as you can manage, so you can come and leave at any time.


Station of the Cross

There will be Station of the Cross on Fridays 5th, 12th and 19th April at 18:30. You are all welcome.

There are many opportunities to deepen your faith and renew your spirit during this season of Lent. I hope you will use some of them and share I some of these parish events.


Lent Books

Some Lent books are available at the back of the Church giving you a shirt thought ad prayer for each day during this season.  They are a £1 each. There are also a few copies of Lent Extra with a little more reading ad some different articles, this is £2.30.  Please put the money in the bowl on the table.  Thank you.


Lent Collection

Lent collection is for the Aid to the Church in Need which gives great support and help to persecuted Christians in the Middle East. You can view their wonderful work at  Also for The Cambridge Nazareth Trust helping to provide education for the next generation of Christian in the Holy Land. Visit them at  There will be a bowl on top the front of the Church each Sunday for your donations.